Saving On Postage

Here on Original Artisan, we do our best to keep our shipping prices as fair as possible.

Combined Shipping

To ensure our customers do not pay over the odds for any combined purchase of two or more products from our store, once payment has been made through our shopping cart, if the total shipping paid by the customer adds up to much more than the actual cost of packaging and shipping the items, we calculate a fair postage and packaging price for the combined order, then refund the difference once the order has been posted.

So, if you order 2 or more items from any of the categories in our shop, although you will initially be charged the full shipping fee per item through our shopping cart, we will combine each purchase and send them to you in one package or as few packages as possible.

All savings made from combined shipments will then be refunded once your parcel has been posted.

This means considerable savings can be made by ordering multiple items at once. Refunds will usually be processed within a few hours of shipping.


On occasion, when sending certain types of goods to destinations such as Australia and Japan, our shipping fees can be lower than the actual cost of sending the item. In these instances, if multiple purchase fees amount to the actual cost of shipping, our postage losses may equal out and therefore no refund will be applied. However, any costs that do add up to more than our usual fees will be refunded as normal.

Please Note : Each order we receive is dealt with personally and refunds are calculated individually, depending on contents and destination. So with Original Artisan, you are always assured to pay a fair price for your postage, packing and shipping, no matter where you are in the world or how much you are initially charged for shipping fees.

Postage Refund

The reason we refund our excess postage fees after customers have made their purchase is to ensure you get the best and most efficient postal service for your package.


Customer Purchase – 3 Items to U.S.A

Andean Smoking Pipe – Stone 1 – £10.99 – Shipping to U.S.A. – £3.49

Andean Smoking Pipe – Llama Bone & Eagle £10.99 – Shipping to U.S.A. – £3.49

Andean Alpaca Gloves – £12.99 – Shipping to U.S.A – £2.99

Total Order £34.97 – Total Shipping – £9.97

Total Initial Payment – £44.94

Initial Shipping Paid – £9.97 – Cost of Combined Shipment – £4.69

Refund Given – £5.28

Total Actual Payment

Order – £34.97 + Shipping – £4.69

Final Total – £39.66

Our combined shipping rules cover all our products and customers are welcome to mix and match their purchases at will.

If you have any questions about our shipping costs or would like a quote for your combined shipping fees, feel free to contact us using our contact page or take a look at our ‘postage & packaging‘ pages for more info.