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Alpaca Wool Hat With Flaps – Inner Lining – Inf/Baby – 16

Alpaca Wool Hat With Flaps – Inner Lining – Inf/Baby – 16

This beautiful hand woven alpaca hat is the genuine article.

Hand woven by Bolivian artisans in the mountains of the Andes with 100% hand spun alpaca wool. You cannot get more original than this.

The colours in this chullo are all 100 % natural and hand dyed.

Alpaca is stronger, warmer, softer and much more durable than wool. Second only to silk for strength, alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic - making it ideal for those who suffer from allergic reactions to normal wool.

Alpaca wool is relatively rare and in limited supply. Demand far outweighs the supply of this wonderful natural fibre.

This product comes directly from the artisans of Bolivia and was bought with a fair trade and with the greatest respect.

Stronger, Warmer, Softer, More Durable than Wool

100 % Natural, Hand Woven, Hand Spun, Hand Dyed

Fair Trade, Directly from the Artisan in Bolivia

100 % Money Back Guarantee

Warm Fleece Inner Lining - Infant/Baby

Note : These hats are made to fit infants and babies ranging from 1 - 5 years. Due to their handmade nature and limited stock, sizes vary greatly in availability. Customers are advised to contact me with the age of your child and head size before purchase.

If your chullo does not fit, you may either return it for a full refund or I will endeavour to help you find the perfect size.

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