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Professional Aymara Mama Quena – Mama Kena – Bamboo & Deluxe Case

Professional Aymara Mama Quena – Mama Kena – Bamboo & Deluxe Case

Mama Quena - Mamani

This is one of the most awesome flutes you will ever see.

Made from Bolivian bamboo by our exquisite luthier - Augustine Mamani and measuring 83 cm x 4 cm, this immense flute dwarfs it's siblings, the quena and mighty quenacho, making them look almost toy like in comparison.

Tuned in the same way as the standard quena flute - Sol (G) Major and it’s relative Mi minor (Em), the Mama quena achieves the lowest notes in the family and requires the biggest stretch to do so.

Despite it's size, experienced flute players should not have too much difficulty getting to grips with this instrument. Amateur players will definitely find the fingerings a real challenge.

Material : Bamboo - Varnished

Deluxe Woven Case

This amazing flute comes with a stunning deluxe woven case worth £19.99 absolutely free.

This case has been especially made to provide even better protection for our Mama quena. Featuring a thicker padded case, a beautiful inner lining and individually made for an extra snug fit.

Price: £74.99
P&P: £5.99