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Concert Jacaranda Ronroco

Concert Jacaranda Ronroco

The entire body of this beautiful concert Ronroco is carved out of one piece of Jacaranda wood, resulting in an excellent instrument with a sound quality worthy of concert performance.

A high quality superb instrument, featuring a body, neck and headstock fashioned in one piece of Jacaranda wood.

This acoustic ronroco has a wonderful sound quality, excellent action and intonation and is a beautiful piece to play.

The fretboard is made from Ebony, the soundboard from Canadian Albeto pine, featuring a Jacaranda bridge complementing a bone saddle and nut.

It’s stylish headstock is fashioned with high quality tuning heads.

This concert grade instrument is ideal for all levels of ronroco player and professional.

Included with this instrument is one of our new range of deluxe woven cases, much thicker than the standard cases provided with most ronrocos and providing excellent protection for your instrument. Featuring various compartments, sturdy hand and shoulder straps and a complete with a spare set of top quality strings.

Please Note : The case of this ronroco is purple and not blue.

Measuring 77.5 cm long – 23 cm wide – 10 cm high.

No of Frets – 18

Scale Length – 48 cm

( Measured from fretboard edge of nut to crown of 12th fret x 2 )

Faults Dents & Abrasions

This ronroco is a very nice example with no conspicuous dents or abrasions.

Grain and wood markings shown in the photos are all natural and help form the instrument’s character and personality. When viewed in person throughout your trial period (and also under guarantee), this instrument’s beauty will become clear.


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This ronroco comes with our usual 14 day moneyback guarantee, ensuring 100% satisfaction or a full refund for all our buyers.

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