Quena Flute Samples

Original Artisan aims to bring you the best Bolivia has to offer regarding quena flutes, quenachos and many other authentic professional Andean instruments.

We understand buying an instrument online can be tricky and making a purchase decision based purely on photos and text often isn’t enough to help find the right flute for your needs.

Thanks to the kindness of one of my clients from across the globe in Canada, we have some excellent samples of some of the Andean flutes sold here on Original Artisan, made with nothing more than a flute, a simple webcam and a song to help you find your ideal quena.

These first two flute samples are from one of my Mamani ‘tweaked’ Jacaranda quenas pictured below.

Mamani ‘Tweaked’ Jacaranda Concert Quena Flute

Click on the videos below to hear this flute being played.

The sound in the first half of these videos has not been enhanced in any way and was recorded at home using a basic webcam and nothing else. As you can hear, this Mamani concert quena has an amazing sound without the need for expensive mics, eq or effects.

Many songs, videos and quena demos found online are recorded professionally with added eq and effects such as reverb and delay to enhance that ‘mystical’ feeling produced by these instruments.

So to keep our demos in line with others on the web and to give you an idea of how our flutes sound in comparison, I have included some basic reverb in the last half of each sample, to give our vids that real ‘Spirit of the Andes’ touch you’ll be familiar with.

Tweaked Jacaranda Quena

Here’s another example of some fine quena playing by our mystery flutist.

If you would like to make a purchase or view this flute in more detail, please visit our concert quena’s page for gallery images and product description.

More Samples Coming Soon

Thanks for listening and if you like these samples, please show your thanks to our quena player via the comment box below.

Check out my quena flute page for details of many more andean quenas sold on this site, or view our woodwind section for zamponas, pan flutes and panpipes.

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