Worth Strings

Worth Ukulele Strings – The Ultimate in Japanese Fluorocarbon

Buy Worth Brown & Worth Clear fluorocarbon ukulele strings with free First Class UK shipping at Original Artisan.

Worth Brown Tenor Low G Ukulele Strings BT-LG-63

Worth Ukulele String Sets

Manufactured from the highest quality Japanese fluorocarbon, Worth ukulele strings have an almost legendary status and are one of the most popular and sought after strings in the industry.

Although one might initially think Worth strings are expensive, each pack contains double length strings i.e enough to string two ukuleles, making them great value for money.

Worth strings come in two types, each with their own superior sound qualities and characteristics.
Worth Clear strings provide a brighter, clearer sound whereas the Worth Brown strings provide a more mellow, softer tone.

Worth Low G strings are pure fluorocarbon instead of metal wound and so last much longer, feel nicer to the touch and do not corrode or fray. They also produce less finger squeak than most wound strings. You can find Worth Low G strings available in Brown and Clear fluorocarbon in our shop.

Providing exquisite tone, superior strength, stability and pitch perfect intonation, we believe that once you have tried Worth strings on your ukulele, it is very likely you’ll stick with them forever.

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Showing 1–24 of 34 results